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IRCTC User Registration

What is the Benefit of IRCTC User Registration ?First of all we need to understand what IRCTC Stands for ?, IRCTC means Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited. IRCTC is an Indian eCommerce website through which anyone can book ticket’s for Indian railway and sooner for Indian domestic aeroplanes.
Any one from India who is feeling tiresome while booking tickets from Indian rail counter and wants to avoid queue can use the IRCTC website via IRCTC User Registration and can book Indian railway tickets avoiding long queue and with ease. IRCTC User Registration provides you with an opportunity to book tickets for Indian Railway trains from mobile or computers with ease and from where ever you want. To book etickets for Indian railway you need IRCT User Registration and at least a bank account which supports online transactions. How can IRCTC User Registration be done ?To have your own account for eticket  booking of Indian railway you need IRCTC User Registration and you can g…

login irctc

What is login irctc ?
First of all IRCTC means Indian Railway Catering and Tourism its run and managed by Indian Government. It's a one of the famous and highly used services run by Indian government. It provides a very large amount of employment to Indian people. The official website of  irctc is .
Login irctcSo if you have an account with irctc then you can use login by visiting the website and clicking on login and entering  your login id and password. If you don’t have login irctc then all you need to do is click on sign up instead of login and fill up the form . Once you have filled up the form your account with irctc will made all you need to later is verify yourself by doing the process sent you in sms and email. If you have not got any verification email or sms then all you need to do is wait for few hours else revisit login irctc and enter resend verification email or sms. Login irctc is best servi…

IRCTC payment PayMate application

IRCTC payment PayMate applicationIRCTC that is an Indian Railway Catering and Tourism limited which is a government body which manages Indian railway ticket booking online.  IRCTC had recently launched its mobile friendly website for the ease of Mobile users to book tickets of the Indian railway system.

But seeing the increase in the count of Smartphone users in India irctc has launched IRCTC payment Paymate application for the Smartphone users. Through this app now Smartphone users can book Indian rail ticket with ease and from any remote place they are present in.
To use Paymate user first of all need to have a smart phone and if he has smart phone then he need to visit from there he can download the app with ease. IRCTC payment PayMate applicationThere are many other apps in the market for smart phones through which you can book your ticket online but among all payment is the best one.
IRCTC payment Paymate application is the best method in the market to make payment for …


IRCTC PNR which stands for Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Ltd runs an ecommerce website through all Indian people can book etickets of Indian railway by visiting They can also book Indian domestic airline tickets soon. Once you have booked tickets for Indian railway via this website you get a PNR number for each and every ticket.
PNR stands for Passenger Name Record its unique for each and every ticket generated by the Indian railway department of India. Using the PNR number you can check the status of Indian railway ticket with ease and from where ever you want. IRCTC PNR gives you the status of your railway ticket. That is if you have booked a ticket and if you have got waiting list on it and if someone cancels his ticket then the vacant seat will be allotted to the nearest waiting list numbered ticket. So it's clear that accordingly the irctc PNR status of your ticket will get changed that’s it. You can check… – IRCTC Login Online Passenger Reservation

Image – IRCTC Login Online Passenger Reservation

IRCTC – Indian Railway catering and tourism limited, which is a government run body for helping Indian passenger to travel via the Indian railway system with ease. is the website run by IRCTC through which Indian passengers can log on and book tickets for Indian railway. So if you are a regular traveller of Indian railway and hate long queues while booking tickets then you can visit – IRCTC Login Online Passenger Reservation and book out your e ticket for the Indian railway trains. Passengers of Indian railway who wants to book ticket they need to visit – IRCTC Login Online Passenger Reservation and log on there to book their tickets. Now suppose anyone doesn’t have login accounts on the IRCTC website then first of all he needs to visit and click on sign up. Once he has signed up for an account at the IRCTC website he needs to authenticate and verify his account from…