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Poweramp Full Version Unlocker Free Download

Powerful Music Player for Android free download This application unlocks Poweramp (Trial), powerful music player for Android. Please install Poweramp Music Player (Trial) application first. Unlocker removes the trial period limitation. Any version of Poweramp can be unlocked (v2.x and v1.x).

Follow us on twitter @Poweramp2 to get instant updates on app development progress, feature spotlight, theme sharing, take part in giveaways and even chances for free copies of Poweramp." ***Please update BOTH Unlocker and Poweramp Trial (it's the main app) if you're experiencing any issues with the license. ***Please don't try to update if you purchased Unlocker on Poweramp site, as Market Unlocker is not the same. Just keep your current Unlocker as is. ========== Common Questions/Answers for Poweramp v2.x: Q. My songs are missing from folders/library.
A. Please ensure you have all your folders with music actually checked in Poweramp Settings => Music Folders.
Your original Android Li…

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) free download

OfficeSuite Pro 6 + (PDF & HD) free downloadView, Edit, Print and Share your office documents on the go!
OfficeSuite Pro – Your office documents on the go!
Made by MobiSystems, OfficeSuite Pro allows you to view, create, edit, print and share Word, Excel and PowerPoint files on the go. One can also open attachments and see PDF files on an Android based phone or tablet with our feature-rich mobile office solution. OfficeSuite Pro includes a File Browser and integration with Sharing Service Leaders: Box, DropBox, Google Docs and SugarSync - to give users a multitude of options on how to manage files and attachments. OfficeSuite Pro is a leading-edge office productivity application that has been chosen to be pre-loaded onto over 50 million (and counting) devices worldwide by such prestigious manufacturers like Sony Ericsson, Alcatel, FoxConn, Pandigital, Polaroid, Olivetti and a host of other major players in the Android Mobile Device market. OfficeSuite Pro 6 New Features:
* Now offering …

Beautiful Widgets Free download

Beautiful set of widgets including clock+weather, with some toggles. Beautiful set of Widgets containing clock widget, clock and weather widget, weather widgets, date widgets and toggle widgets with skins/themes support!
Selected by Google as an Android Editor's choice and first paid application to reach 1 million of downloads! What a success driven by its community! See why it is the best Android clock and weather widgets and the only choice for thousands of users! You probably heard of Beautiful Widgets before! Android Central: "We love Beautiful Widgets" Android and Me: "Beautiful Widgets is one of the essential must-have Android apps, and has been for quite some time now. If you still haven’t managed to buy the app, there’s no time to waste." ZDNet: "The strength of Android is the ability to make the interface very personal, and Beautiful Widgets is the daddy of them all." Now with Honeycomb tablets support (ie the Motorola Xoom, Galaxy Tab)! - High Defi…

Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is the latest version of the Android platform for phones, tablets, and more. It builds on the things people love most about Android — easy multitasking, rich notifications, customizable home screens, resizable widgets, and deep interactivity — and adds powerful new ways of communicating and sharing. Simple, Beautiful, UsefulRefined, evolved UIFocused on bringing the power of Android to the surface, Android 4.0 makes common actions more visible and lets you navigate with simple, intuitive gestures. Refined animations and feedback throughout the system make interactions engaging and interesting. An entirely new typeface optimized for high-resolution screens improves readability and brings a polished, modern feel to the user interface. Virtual buttons in the System Bar let you navigate instantly to Back, Home, and Recent Apps. The System Bar and virtual buttons are present across all apps, but can be dimmed by applications for full-screen viewing. You can …

Download Android SDK

Android os is the best os in the smartphone. just download android sdk here. The Android SDK provides you the API libraries and developer tools necessary to build, test, and debug apps for Android. PlatformPackageSizeMD5 ChecksumWindowsandroid-sdk_r18-windows.zip37448775 bytesbfbfdf8b2d0fdecc2a621544d706fa98installer_r18-windows.exe(Recommended)37456234 bytes48b1fe7b431afe6b9c8a992bf75dd898Mac OS X (intel)android-sdk_r18-macosx.zip33903758 bytes8328e8a5531c9d6f6f1a0261cb97af36Linux (i386)android-sdk_r18-linux.tgz29731463 bytes6cd716d0e04624b865ffed3c25b3485c Operating SystemsWindows XP (32-bit), Vista (32- or 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32- or 64-bit)Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later (x86 only)Linux (tested on Ubuntu Linux, Lucid Lynx)GNU C Library (glibc) 2.7 or later is required.On Ubuntu Linux, version 8.04 or later is required.64-bit distributions must be capable of running 32-bit applications. Eclipse IDEEclipse 3.6.2 (Helios) or greaterNote: Eclipse 3.5 (Galileo) is no longer supported with the …

Know About Android OS

AndroidAndroid is the world’s most popular mobile platform. With Android you can use all the Google apps you know and love, plus there are more than 600,000 apps and games available on Google Play to keep you entertained, alongside millions of songs and books, and thousands of movies. Android devices are already smart, and will only get smarter, with new features you won’t find on any other platform, letting you focus on what’s important and putting you in control of your mobile experience. Take Google with youTake Google with you on your mobile device: all the Google product you know and love, designed to work best on Android phones and tablets. Search the WebNavigate your WorldConnect & ShareBe EntertainedCreate & Collaborate Search the webThe fastest, easiest way to find what you need on the web and your phone or tablet. Enjoy the power of Google search wherever you are.Learn more. Browse fast on your Android phone or tablet with Chrome. Bring your personalized Chrome experienc…

Smart Tools free download

Smart Tools free download is very popular app in the android play market. so you can purchase it from play market. it’s a review of that app. Measure length, angle, distance, height, direction and sound with your phone. Smart Tools is a complete package of 5 app sets. It includes 5 Pro sets for a total of 15 tools. In a word, All-in-One. Set 1: Length, Angle, Slope, Level, Thread – Smart Ruler Pro Set 2: Distance, Height, Width, Area – Smart Measure Pro Set 3: Compass, Metal detector, GPS – Smart Compass Pro Set 4: Sound level meter, Vibrometer – Sound Meter Pro Set 5: Flashlight – Smart Light Pro
For more information, see the manual for each of the apps, watch the YouTube video and visit the blog:
Even more tools will be added soon. Next will be Speed Gun, Magnifier, and more. Do you want to get more tools and features? Please send an email. I’ll reply to it ASAP. I hope my apps are useful to your Smart Life. Thanks. App Screenshots What’s in this version: - v1.4…

Where’s My Water game free download

Where’s My Water game free download is very popular in whole android lovers. WHERE’S MY WATER IS THE HIT DISNEY APP! NOW WITH OVER 200 LEVELS! WHERE’S MY WATER IS THE HIT DISNEY APP EVERYONE IS PLAYING! NOW WITH OVER 350 LEVELS! ““Game of the Year” — POCKET GAMER
“Game of the Year” — PHONEARENA.COM
“92 Metascore” — METACRITIC.COM
“Editor’s Choice Award” — IGN
“Game of the Month” — SLIDE TO PLAY
“One of those rare gems that manages to get everything right.” — GAMEZEBO
“This is the perfect game to play on the go.” — KIDZWORLD What’s in this version: Mud! In OUT TO DRY, the latest FREE update to Swampy’s Story, get dirty and use mud to get water to Swampy’s shower. Keep mud wet until the right time, then let it dry into dirt! 20 more FREE levels for Swampy fans!
Introducing the MYSTERY DUCK STORY! With over 100 levels available now and 100 more on the way, the Mystery Duck brings a completely new challenge to Where’s My Water. PermissionsTHIS APPLICATION HAS ACCESS TO THE FOLLOWING:NETWORK COMMUNIC…

What is Android OS ?

Android is a software Operating system for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK make available the tools and APIs required to begin developing applications on the Android platform using the Java programming language. Android OS FeaturesIntegrated browser based on the open source WebKit engine Optimized graphics powered by a tradition 2D graphics library; 3D graphics based on the OpenGL ES 1.0 specification (hardware acceleration optional) SQLite for prepared data storage Application framework enabling reprocess and substitute of componentsDalvik virtual machine optimized for mobile devicesMedia support for common audio, video, and still image formats (MPEG4, H.264, MP3, AAC, AMR, JPG, PNG, GIF)GSM Telephony (hardware dependent)Bluetooth, EDGE, 3G, and Wi-Fi (hardware dependent)Camera, GPS, compass, and accelerometer (hardware dependent)Rich development environment as well as a device emulator, tools for debugging, memory and pe…

London 2012 Results Android App Free Download

Official London 2012 Results App download free it’s best for directly live results and many more features. The Official London 2012 Results app provides all the latest news, schedules and results, allowing users to keep up-to-date with the latest action LIVE across all Olympic sports (25 July to 12 August 2012) and Paralympic sports (29 August to 9 September 2012). Key features include results, live updates, calendar schedule, details of sports, medal tables and athlete profiles. Users can also follow specific countries, and receive official news and updates tailored to them all in one app. It’s the essential FREE app for all sports fans to share the excitement of London 2012!
Key features include: Results: Covering all events for the 36 sports for the Olympics and 21 sports for the Paralympics. Live Schedule: Follow the latest sporting Olympic events that are currently in progress. View results in real-time and share with your friends. View live updates: news, photos and social commentary…