Father's Day 2015 UK


A Father nurtures and grooves his child and helps him to become a perfect individual. He gives his unconditional love and support to his child and makes him strong enough to face all odds of life. His role in a person’s life is unmatchable and irreplaceable. He is there for his child no matter what. His child’s security and happiness are his primary concern. In order to appreciate and honor this role of his in one’s life, Father’s day is celebrated in many parts of the world with great zeal and enthusiasm.

Father’s day 2015 UK will be celebrated for the same purpose on the third Sunday of June i.e. 16th June  this year the way it is celebrated in other countries of the world.

People in UK honor their fathers, Father-in-laws and grandfathers commonly by visiting them or sending gifts and cards to them. Some of the usual gifts exchanged over there are: ties, sweaters, slippers, socks and other clothing. Other items that are gifted are: Luxury items, drinks, tools for household maintenance or garden work. Father’s Day 2015 UK will be celebrated in the same fashion as it is celebrated every year.

Personalized gift is also a good option. The gifts may contain slogans such as ‘world’s best dad’, ‘my dad’, ‘for my father’, ‘love you dad’ etc. These slogans make the gifts all the more meaningful, worthy and sweet. Even the schools in the UK teach their pupils to make hand- made crafts for their fathers. The households may teach their children to make stuff like calendars with drawings made by them. These innovations can really make a father glad.

Some families celebrate this day by planning a holiday trip may be just for the male members of the family. If a father is fond of learning sports, taking a football or a cricket lesson with a favorite celebrity coach can also prove to be a wonderful gift. A common practice is to organize and prepare meal either by oneself or in a restaurant or a pub. It is a holiday since it is a Sunday. Thus, Father’s Day 2015 UKwill be a reason of great celebration in the United Kingdom.


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