Father's Day 2015 USA father's day usa


In any part of the world, fathers have the same role to play. Nothing is enough to reciprocate the unconditional love, support and care which they bestow on their child. They nurture their child and help them to grow and develop both physically and mentally and make them fit to survive in the society.
father's day usa
Father's day USA

A father is there for a child throughout his life. He tries to inculcate all good habits and etiquettes in his child. Father’s day is celebrated in many parts of the world. Like in India, Father’s day 2015 USAwill be a great occasion for the people to express all their feelings, i.e. Love, respect and gratitude that they owe to their fathers. In the USA, it is celebrated on the third Sunday of June.

Father’s day 2015 USA will be celebrated in the same manner as it is celebrated every year over there. The common gesture to honor and celebrate one’s father’s contribution to his life in the USA is to give greeting cards and gifts. Some of the usual gift items are clothing, household gadgets, sports equipments, electronic gadgets etc. It is a modern occasion. Even schools participate in it by teaching their pupils to make hand- made greeting cards. Some families also throw parties for all the fathers of their extended family.

Father’s Day 2015 USA will not be a holiday for the same purpose. It will be a holiday being a Sunday. People may give their fathers treat in a restaurant so we may find a huge crowd in public places that day. Phone calls are very important gesture on that day. Father’s day is not as prominent in the USA as Mother’s day due to the greater number of single mothers in the country. Some other options are bags, shoes, watches, jewelry, books and stationery and other accessories.


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