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Welcome to our website!  This website can guide you on how to check your PF status once claimed. It will help you use your PF status no. to access information related to your Provident Fund status, in fact, get answers to any PF status query.
What Is Provident Fund?
‘PF’ is the abbreviation of Provident Fund. Under this scheme, the employers and the employees of an organization are bound to contribute 12% of their monthly compensation, dearness and retaining allowance to the Provident Fund.
How did EPF Scheme originate?
The Employees’ Provident Fund Organization (EPFO) was launched on 4th of March, 1952 under the governance of Ministry of Labor and Employment as a legal body of Govt. of India with its headquarters in New Delhi. 
How Does It Work?
1.  Any organization of India, which has 20 or more employees, must be registered with EPFO.
2.  An employee contribute 12% of the basic monthly salary and an employer also contributes 12% to the employee’s PF and additional 1.61% as administration charges, therefore, the total contribution of the employer is 13.61%.
3.  An employee’s total 12% is deposited in his PF, however, out of the employers 12%, 3.67% is deposited in the employee’s PF and 8.33% is deposited in the employee’s pension fund.
Legal Act Of 1952 :
Please click on the link below to read: The Employees’ Provident Funds And Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
How To Withdraw PF? :
An employee can withdraw the total amount of PF accrued, after retiring from the organization. Also in cases where an employee is leaving India and settling abroad, or terminated / retrenched from his organization, and other valid reasons as mentioned in the Act of 1952, an employee is eligible to withdraw the complete PF amount.
Once the PF is claimed, Provident Fund status can be accessed online. Using PF status no., the PF status can be checked here in a few days.
How To Access PF Status Online? :
Nowadays, it is much easier to access about Provident Fund status on the internet. All you need is a PF status no. Simply click here and get your PF status in a few seconds. Alternately, for any other PF status query you can contact your local PF officer using the EPFO directory.


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